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-Music:Black Sand Beaches-

Slow, cerebral dub to sit back and be existential to. 100% organic and original, smooth as chocolate milk.

Miro, 2017-3-17


Three letter agencies have a long, colorful history of influencing the landscape of politics in the US. Let's talk about COINTELPRO, a massive undertaking by the united states government to control the political narrative that is still ongoing in different forms today.

COINTELPRO operations stretch all the way back to 1956, originally designed to split up the blooming communist party that was a rising influence in the political landscape at the time. Soon after, the umbrella of the operation was extended to include prominent black leaders, the justification being that those movements were being infiltrated by the communist threat.

The term itself stands for counter intelligence program, but is used to refer to a wide collection of illegal covert projects aimed at keeping tabs on political groups, as well as infiltrating, discrediting, and steering the agenda of said groups.

Such groups include anti-vietnam organizers, civil rights groups, feminist groups, and more recently, BLM. When the FBI deems a group to be subversive to the 'official narrative', they pay people to join these groups and disrupt the inner workings to dismantle the cause at the source.

Presidential figures have been implicated in these dealings; Herbert Hoover directed the FBI to comb through Martin Luther King's life for anything that might discredit him, for example.

The original program was kept under wraps until 1971, when an FBI office was burgled and several dossiers relating to the operation were leaked to the media. Shortly after that, Hoover came out and announced that the program was over, and that future counter intelligence operations would be on a 'case by case basis'.

Reports coming out related to the program since those days are often entirely blacked out.

The original incarnation of domestic counter intelligence projects may be dead, but the techniques pioneered in those days are alive and well in today's political landscape. The internet has made it easier than ever to change the perceptions of the public; such is the idea behind organizations like 'Correct The Record', a political superpac that hired hundreds of thousands of users to brigade forums and social media with specific directed messages during the 2016 US elections.

Miro, 2017-1-29


Stingrays have been reported on widely within the last few years, I strongly encourage you to read everything you can about them; They are perhaps the most heinous threat to civilian privacy in america today.

If you are not familiar, a stingray is quite simple in principle. It is a device that imitates the activity of a cell phone tower, tricking phones in the vicinity into connecting to it. Calls and texts that pass through are saved, along with metadata relating to the device of origin, for the owner of the stingray to peruse at their leisure.

Sophisticated stingrays can even flash a phones firmware, making it possible to intercept conversations as if the infected phone was a bug. These devices are quite simple to build, and could be assembled by a hobbyist for a few hundred dollars.

The local police forces of the United States readily implemented this technology as soon as it was available. Minnesota was one of the first states to implement stingray devices.

Initially, stingrays could only be used as a means of gathering evidence against serious criminals; court orders and warrants were to be collected beforehand. Unfortunately, stingray evidence has cropped up in cases as petty as possession of a small amount of marijuana.

Currently, feds have to get a warrant to use a stingray in any case, but here's the kicker: that doesn't apply to local police forces, the most prolific users of the technology since its inception.

Are you comfortable with the contents of your phone being open to any faceless mook with a badge? I know i'm not.

Miro, 2017-1-29


Buckle up, today we're going to talk about one of the most disgusting things our government has ever perpetrated.

The MKUltra program was a CIA project aimed at investigating and developing possible avenues of mind control, usually against civilian subjects knowledge or consent. The project included experiments with torture, drugs, physical and sexual abuse, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and isolation.

To go over the entire scope of MKUltra would take weeks, so i'm going to focus on one of the more well known subjects of the experiments you may have heard of: Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber.

At the age of 16, he was an undergraduate student at Harvard university. He was regarded as a mathematical prodigy, and specialized in a complex form of math called Geometric function theory. His impressive accomplishments brought him attention from the CIA, who at the time was conducting secret MKUltra experiments with over 80 institutions around the united states, harvard included.

The study Ted found himself involved in was run by Dr. Henry Murray, who had each of his 22 subjects write an essay detailing their dreams and aspirations. The students were then taken to a room where electrodes were attached to them to monitor their vitals as they were subjected to extremely personal, stressful, and brutal critiques about the essays they had written. Following the psychological attacks, the participants were forced to watch the videos of themselves being verbally and psychologically assaulted multiple times. Kaczynski is claimed to have had the worst physiological reaction to being interrogated.

Ted graduated from Harvard university at age 20 in 1962. He broke new ground in the field with his PhD thesis before winning the B. Myers prize for mathematics. However, these experiments, paired with his lack of social skills and memories of being bullied as a child, caused Kaczynski to suffer from horrible nightmares that eventually drove him to move into isolation outside Lincoln, Montana.

Kaczynski's activities came to the attention of the FBI in 1978 with the explosion of his first, primitive homemade bomb. Over the next 17 years, he mailed or hand-delivered a series of increasingly sophisticated explosive devices that killed three people and injured 23 more.

Miro, 2017-1-29

-Spy Cats-

This is going to read as if i'm batshit insane, but look into it for yourself. This is a well known and well documented event that actually happened.

The CIA tried to use cyborg cats to spy on the russians.

You read that right. It was known as project 'Acoustic Kitty', and the idea was to implant a microphone and a transmitter surgically into a cat, then use said cyborg cat to record goings on at Kremlin and Soviet embassies in the 60's.

The project reportedly cost over $20,000,000 in total. It was abandoned in 1967 because they had trouble training the cats.

There's even a wikipedia page about it.

Miro, 2017-1-29

-Music:The Light-

This is from awhile back, before I started aiming for a more organic sound. Back then I was really heavy into micro-sampling and there's a lot of that going on in this one, including bits from 'call on me', 'bohemian rhapsody', traditional Norwegian choral music, the movie 'kick-ass', adventure time, dr. horrible, and some porn moans.

Miro, 2017-1-24

-Movie:Kung Fury-

Not Rated | 31min | Short, Action, Comedy | 28 May 2015 (Sweden) Director: David Sandberg Writer: David Sandberg Stars: David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, Steven Chew

In this cartoony homage to the 80's, every scene tries to one up the one before it in terms of action tropes and 'rule of cool' logic. It starts with a kung fu cop story and ends with gods, dinosaurs, and time travel. This is a half hour well invested.

Miro, 2017-1-22

-Free Game:Realms-

Here's another game i've been working on, an open source dynamic text adventure called Realms.

The idea is that a user can either play other peoples stories, or make their own stories to share; There's a console in-game that allows you to create any type of content you could want. It allows for complex literary narratives while having the option of using RPG stats and a combat system.

Realms Download

The demo that i'm including was built entirely from the in game engine. Every piece of content is a plain text file with a few attributes that are easily changed or modified.

The sole requirement to run the game is that you're on Windows; it runs in CMD ala Oregon Trail. This copy comes with the source code as well as a compiled exe, so it shouldn't be hard to get running. I've only tested it extensively on Win7 but i'm assuming it will work on most versions of windows.

Miro, 2017-1-15

-Free Game:Cat Wars-

Cat Wars!!!!!

In this game, you play a cat in the midst of a zombie outbreak/alien invasion. Roam around town leading civilians to safe points while doing what you can to hold back the swarming flesh hungry invaders.

Compiled into a standalone exe, should work on modern windows but only tested extensively on win7.

Realms Download

Miro, 2017-1-14

-Carbonflux Has Landed-

Today has been big for Carbon Flux; the blog is online and functional.

This site is going to be a one stop shop for fringe commentary on current events, music, movies, the arts, technology, piracy, and tutorials related to such things. Stay tuned for updates. In the mean time, enjoy this monkey cat.

meow ow ow ow

Miro, 2017-1-13