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Black Sand Beaches

Slow, cerebral dub to sit back and melt to. 100% organic and original, smooth as chocolate milk.

Miro, 2017-3-17

War Tile

Updated version, .91 Beta, released 1.13.2018

This turn based strategy game was designed to be an equal mix of dwarf fortress, fire emblem, and warcraft. You must form clans and manage families of genetically unique units, each born with their own strengths, weaknesses, and potential. What path they each take in life is in your hands; but be warned, you aren't the only one building an empire, and dipolomacy is in short order. wartile features open ended emergent gameplay as well as multiplayer, NPC opponents, robust DnD style combat and class system, and a unique life cycle/breeding system for units.


This is the early release version .9, which includes the engine source code, compiled exe, two factions, and two maps. The sapien faction is the only one advised for human players in this version, however NPC opponents can freely use both factions. Upcoming version 1.0 will have 4 playable factions, a few more maps, and probably a fair number of balance changes to the existing factions, units, and skills.


Made on windows 7. It runs in command line. To install: Download, extract, and locate the WARTILE directory. It should have 5 folders and a handful of files in it. Make sure you don't accidentally set it up as C:\wartile\wartile\maps. That should not be a valid path if you did it right. Place the directory with the 5 folders (maps, skills, save, scripts, factions) in your C drive, so that C:\wartile\maps or C:\wartile\skills are valid paths. The included file called DESKTOPSHORTCUT will start the game exe. If you have a python development environment set up, you can run the engine directly from the source code with the included RUNFROMSOURCE bat, but it is a bit slower.

wartile Download

Miro, 2017-1-15

Cat Wars


Don't go into this expecting much, it was thrown together in a weekend. It's an arcade top down shoot-em-up where a cat defends a town from a zombie invasion with magic laced catnip.

It should run on everything above WindowsXp but it hasn't been thoroughly tested on platforms other than win7.

Cat Wars Download

Miro, 2017-1-14