- Creative Work from the Fringe -

Black Sand Beaches

Slow, cerebral dub to sit back and melt to. 100% organic and original, smooth as chocolate milk.

Miro, 2017-3-17


Free open source text based game engine i've been working on.

The idea is that a user can either play other peoples stories, or make their own stories to share; There's a console in-game that allows you to create any type of content you could want. It allows for complex literary narratives while having the option of using RPG stats and a combat system.

Realms Download

The demo that i'm including was built entirely from the in game engine. Every piece of content is a plain text file with a few attributes that are easily changed or modified.

The sole requirement to run the game is that you're on Windows; it runs in CMD ala Oregon Trail. This copy comes with the source code as well as a compiled exe, so it shouldn't be hard to get running. I've only tested it extensively on Win7 but i'm assuming it will work on most versions of windows.

Miro, 2017-1-15

Cat Wars


Threw this together in a weekend from open source graphics, code and sounds are all me. It's an old school arcade shoot 'em up with powerups, escort missions, and all the other terrible cliches.

It should run on everything above WindowsXp but it hasn't been thoroughly tested on platforms other than win7.

Cat Wars Download

Miro, 2017-1-14