-Free Game:Realms-

Here's another game i've been working on, an open source dynamic text adventure called Realms.

The idea is that a user can either play other peoples stories, or make their own stories to share; There's a console in-game that allows you to create any type of content you could want. It allows for complex literary narratives while having the option of using RPG stats and a combat system.

Realms Download

The demo that i'm including was built entirely from the in game engine. Every piece of content is a plain text file with a few attributes that are easily changed or modified.

The sole requirement to run the game is that you're on Windows; it runs in CMD ala Oregon Trail. This copy comes with the source code as well as a compiled exe, so it shouldn't be hard to get running. I've only tested it extensively on Win7 but i'm assuming it will work on most versions of windows.

Miro, 2017-1-15